Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Diary of a Fitness Freak.

I guess I’m just a lazy tyke,

Sofa bashings what I like.

Not twenty minutes on a bike

Or even going for a hike.

Your body’s heading for a fall

When your pants are big not small

And they won’t stay up at all

‘Cos your shape is like a ball.

Metabolism getting slow,

Waistline has begun to grow.

Willing I will have to show

Reluctant to the club I go.

There’s a young man down the gym,

Says he’ll make me fit and slim.

With machines that tone and trim

And one day I’ll look like him.

Taken some expert advice,

Do my best on each device.

None of them are very nice,

Determined, I will pay the price.

No pain no gain is what they say.

Persevering every day,

But my weight it seems will stay,

From March until the end of May.

Jogging on the spot I find

Doesn’t leave my weight behind.

Muscles don’t become defined

To give up now I am inclined.

So now I sit here heaving sighs

Belly resting on my thighs

Wondering if it was all lies

This myth of healthy exercise.

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