Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Count’s Lament.

I have been one acquainted with the night[1]

I ruled and dominated that domain.

The last one of my kind

to carry the burden of immortality.

The castles of my previous lives,

that once were symbols of my power,

Are now,no more than cold, dank places,

in which to sleep away the days.

The gothic caricatures of my servants

no longer live to serve me and now

That feudal existence seems callow.

But who will act for me when I have to hide away.

I still crave the pleasures of the flesh,

not as an indulgence but a need

Bringing sorrow to the streets,

My lust a monster I must feed.

I must move on to find the modern world

And claim my own inheritance.

To change but there’s the rub, when

I have been one acquainted with the night.

[1] Line from Acquainted With The Night ©Robert Frost

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Diary of a Fitness Freak.

I guess I’m just a lazy tyke,

Sofa bashings what I like.

Not twenty minutes on a bike

Or even going for a hike.

Your body’s heading for a fall

When your pants are big not small

And they won’t stay up at all

‘Cos your shape is like a ball.

Metabolism getting slow,

Waistline has begun to grow.

Willing I will have to show

Reluctant to the club I go.

There’s a young man down the gym,

Says he’ll make me fit and slim.

With machines that tone and trim

And one day I’ll look like him.

Taken some expert advice,

Do my best on each device.

None of them are very nice,

Determined, I will pay the price.

No pain no gain is what they say.

Persevering every day,

But my weight it seems will stay,

From March until the end of May.

Jogging on the spot I find

Doesn’t leave my weight behind.

Muscles don’t become defined

To give up now I am inclined.

So now I sit here heaving sighs

Belly resting on my thighs

Wondering if it was all lies

This myth of healthy exercise.


Dawn crept in so cold & grey

Before the alarm clock had its say

Making the warmth in which I lay

Almost Irresistible

Five minuets more please let me be

Foetal in the glow around me

Disturbed by movement time to see

Almost recoverable

Ten minuets more I lay not five

Trying not to come alive

Duvet like a lover lithe

Almost memorable

Reawakened with a cruel jerk

The alarm repeating call to work

Adrenalin like an electric shock

Almost painful

The bathroom floor on my bare feet

Chill from buttocks on toilet seat

Shower slow to produce heat

Almost bearable

Dress in the gloom without ambition

Clothes come to hand of their own volition

Only for work no hard decision

Almost comfortable

Kettle boils coffee is made

Only instant I’m afraid

Cereal, muesli, milk is greyed

Almost edible

The curtains open just a bit

Reveal leaden sky from where I sit

Leonard Cohen songs remit

Almost suicidal

Rain eases as I open the door

Wetness creeps in to the floor

Depression now I must endure

Almost tangible

Bus stop appears in the murk

Another commuter going to work

Familiar face turns to look

Almost Visible

The sight of you warms my heart

My feelings desperate to impart

Conversation I try to start

Almost viable

Mutter something about the rain

Smiling Eyes penetrate my brain

But shyness wins the day again

Most reliable

The bus arrives a twenty one

Passengers arriving at the run

But I remain and you are gone

Bloody Typical