Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Dawn crept in so cold & grey

Before the alarm clock had its say

Making the warmth in which I lay

Almost Irresistible

Five minuets more please let me be

Foetal in the glow around me

Disturbed by movement time to see

Almost recoverable

Ten minuets more I lay not five

Trying not to come alive

Duvet like a lover lithe

Almost memorable

Reawakened with a cruel jerk

The alarm repeating call to work

Adrenalin like an electric shock

Almost painful

The bathroom floor on my bare feet

Chill from buttocks on toilet seat

Shower slow to produce heat

Almost bearable

Dress in the gloom without ambition

Clothes come to hand of their own volition

Only for work no hard decision

Almost comfortable

Kettle boils coffee is made

Only instant I’m afraid

Cereal, muesli, milk is greyed

Almost edible

The curtains open just a bit

Reveal leaden sky from where I sit

Leonard Cohen songs remit

Almost suicidal

Rain eases as I open the door

Wetness creeps in to the floor

Depression now I must endure

Almost tangible

Bus stop appears in the murk

Another commuter going to work

Familiar face turns to look

Almost Visible

The sight of you warms my heart

My feelings desperate to impart

Conversation I try to start

Almost viable

Mutter something about the rain

Smiling Eyes penetrate my brain

But shyness wins the day again

Most reliable

The bus arrives a twenty one

Passengers arriving at the run

But I remain and you are gone

Bloody Typical

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